Our People

Our People


Email : farid@gassolution.co.id

Farid Boediawan has spent almost his entire career as a professional in consulting services. His experiences in the consulting services has been more than 30 years. Farid began his career in the field of consultant as a project manager in the agriculture research project which was held by collaboration of Bogor Agriculture Institute (IPB) and the Ministry of Transmigration in 1987.

In 1990, Farid was appointed as a Business Development Director at PT Bernala Nirwana, a consultant company in Jakarta. In this company, he has handled a lot of consulting services including feasibility study projects, research and development, human resource management and several studies in the energy sector as well as oil and gas, electricity, mining sector and new renewable energy. In 1999, Farid served as president director of PT Bernala Nirwana.

Beside his job in PT Bernala Nirwana, Farid and his partners also developed other consulting firms through PT Tulada Konsula. He served as Director of the company in 2001, then he moved as President Commissioner in 2015. Currently, he also serves as president commissioner of PT Cahaya Multi Inovasi, a national company which serves in the development of telecommunication’s infrastructures and digital industries.

Lots of research and studies has been carried out by Farid such as development of the City Gas feasibility studies in several cities in Indonesia, the study of development of a master plan for the domestic gas transmission and distribution pipeline network (RIJTDGDN), technical supervision of City Gas projects, domestic LPG market research, studies in the new renewable energy and electricity projects also develops the energy audit and energy conservation projects.


Email : rafiq@gassolution.co.id

Zulfa Rafiq Iskandar is a professional who dedicates himself in the natural gas business activities.  He was focused in the business development, commercial negotiation, regulatory studies, technical and economic studies related to natural gas projects. He has more than 15 years of experience in this field. He began his career in 2005 as a researcher in PT Bernala Nirwana dan PT Tulada Konsula. He handled several studies related to regulation, technical and economic studies in the development of domestic natural gas infrastructures. 

Rafiq then held several positions as management level and board of director in several downstream oil & gas companies such as PT Permata Energi Bumi Indonesia, PT Prisma Energy and PT Radiance BP. At these energy companies, he began to develop the natural gas business activities such as the development of CNG projects, NGV, LPG also pipeline gas trading and distribution.

In 2010, Rafiq joined PT Dharma Pratama Sejati (PT DPS) as general manager. He began developing the CNG trading and distribution business in East Java and leading the company to become one of the largest natural gas players in Indonesia. Subsequently in 2015, he became Vice President of PT DPS and was later appointed as Business Development Director in 2017. 

Rafiq then was in charge of the whole business development of PT DPS and its subsidiaries. Various achievements such as CNG and gas pipeline trading and distribution for the industrial sector in Java region, the world’s pioneering project of CNG for peak-load gas power generation in Sumatera Island, the world’s first CNG marine transportation project and several Small-Scale LNG projects in eastern part of Indonesia has been achieved by PT DPS. 

Rafiq is a natural gas expert who has a deep understanding in the downstream natural gas market. Currently, he is frequently invited as a speaker in the seminars and workshops conducted in related with the downstream natural gas and small-scale LNG topics.


Email : asyik@gassolution.co.id

Mochamad Nur Asyik is a professional in consulting services. His expertise is in energy, management and industrial development especially in agriculture and maritime industries. He has more than 20 years of experience in the consulting services. He began his career as a consultant on i-Crescent in 2000. i-Crescent is a research and community development institution that has established collaborations with several national and international institutions. 

In 2005, Asyik was appointed as Director of PT Kacindo Danatya.  The company has provided consulting services whose focus on study and research in energy, management, industrial strategy and business engagement also study urban planning. His experiences in managing and growing the company has led him to become a very experienced consultant. Since 2009, Asyik has served as the president director of PT Kacindo Danatya.

Asyik has an extensive network of stakeholders in the energy sector, government, universities also with national or international research institutions. In addition, he also has a deep understanding of the domestic market in the energy sector, agriculture and maritime.

Asyik was focused in the study of macro economy-energy’s sector. Some research and studies has been carried out by him such as the initiative of ME&MR roadmap in the development of the creative economy, study of domestic oil infrastructures master planning, development of the village’s own energy, development of several regional industrial zones, economic instruments in environmental management and study of behaviour of the international energy price trends.


Email : onei@gassolution.co.id

Onei Hercuantoro is a professional and expert in process engineering and equipment or plant design consultant in oil & gas, petrochemical, pulp and paper and new renewable industries.  He is also a professional trainer with the background as a chemical engineer with more than 15 years of experience. He is a multi-talented expert in the studies related to hydrocarbons and thermodynamics. Onei is an innovator who already has several patents in IT and biotechnology. 

Onei began his professional career in 2004 as a technical sales manager and trainer at PT Ingenious, a company whose provided in process design consultancy and distributing of the process engineering software. In this company, Onei was growing up his abilities to run the simulation and modelling of the oil & gas, petrochemical or pulp and paper plant design by utilizing process engineering software.

Subsequently in 2010, he served as Director of Technology Development at PT. Gaspro Sentraco. The company has provided in Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services in several oil & gas projects. The company also has a lot of experience in natural gas EPC or equipment’s supply projects for natural gas pre-treatment equipment, natural gas filtration system and natural gas heating system.

In 2012, Onei and his partners then developed PT Prosympac and he served as Engineering Director. In this company, he developed many new business activities in addition to the oil & gas sector such as in the sustainable development, energy audits, new renewable energy and agriculture industry.

Onei has large experience in carrying out many projects in the study and engineering services such as developing Feasibility Studies (FS), technology selection consultancy, Front End Engineering Design (FEED), engineering design review, energy audits and sustainability consultation services. He also successfully carried out many projects in the equipment supply and construction services for several gas heating system, gas filtration system, gas dehydration system, condensate processing unit, amine plant, CO2 and H2S removal plant, water treatment plant also construction of crude palm oil (CPO) mill.


Email : hari@gassolution.co.id

Hari Pratoyo is a professional and senior expert in Gas and Petrochemical. He graduated as bachelor of Gas and Petrochemical Engineer from Universitas Indonesia and completed his master's in management at Airlangga University. He has served as board of director in State-Owned Enterprise also in the government institution. He is one of Indonesian senior energy consultant who have deep understanding in natural gas. As a senior leader in Indonesia energy industries, Hari Pratoyo has great capability in engineering and management.

From his 30 years more of experience, Hari Pratoyo gained special expertise in gas distribution, gas transmission, up-stream industry and national standard for gas system. He also understands deeply about the government rules and regulations in the energy sector. In the last 5 years, he was elected by Downstream Regulatory Body – Oil and Gas as the committee. Besides regulatory, Mr. Hari Pratoyo is also an expert in financial and project management.

He started professional experience in 1986 as a staff in Planning Division at PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (Persero) Tbk (PGN). After 1 year of working, he was promoted as the Head of Distribution Section at PGN Surabaya branch and holds the position of Head of the Sales Division and Technical Manager of the Surabaya branch. After several years in Surabaya branch, he has been recalled by PGN headquarter to assign as Manager in Technical Marketing Service. In 1996, Hari became the Head of the Marketing Division then proceeds to become the Head of the Co-Generation and Transmission & Distribution Division.

Later, in 2003 he was appointed as Deputy Project Coordinator for the engineering division, subsequently, Hari held the position of General Manager at the Sumatra-Java Gas Transmission Strategic Business Unit (SBU). After several positions had been filled at the headquarter, he was appointed as Commercial Director for one of the PGN's subsidiary, PT PGAS Solution. After 2 years serving as the Director at PGAS Solution, he returned to the headquarter as the Head of Risk Management Division and Head of Marketing Division for 1 year. Later on, he was promoted to Deputy of PGN Commercial Director.

Following his career at PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (Persero) Tbk and its subsidiaries, he was appointed to become the President Director of PT Kalimantan Jawa Gas which is a joint venture company between PT Permata Graha Nusantara (a subsidiary of PT PGN Persero Tbk) and PT Bakrie and Brothers (BNBR). Upon his retirement in 2014 from PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (Persero) and its subsidiaries, he was appointed as Expert Staff of PGN form 2014-2015. After retiring from PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (Persero) Tbk and its subsidiaries, Hari Pratoyo was elected as Committee of Downstream Regulatory Body – Oil and Gas until 2021.


Email : arif@gassolution.co.id

Arif Widodo is a professional in the energy business. He is a graduate of marine engineering from Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology and completed his master's in management at Sriwijaya University. He has served as President Director of PT Pertamina Arun Gas. As a senior leader in Indonesia energy industries, Arif has distinctive capability in creating business ideas and creating a special project that requires a high level of engineering skill.

Arif Widodo started his professional career from PT Pertamina EP Sanggata’s operational area as a Drilling Engineer from March 1992 to December 1997. Then he moved to the Directorate of Marketing and Trading of LNG Division where he was responsible for managing LNG Carrier for PT Pertamina (Persero). After that, he was assigned as Optimization Project Manager in Upstream Directorate until 2012 where he was responsible for monitoring & evaluation of all upstream projects. After that he was trusted as corporate secretary for PT Pertamina's subsidiary PT Drilling Services Indonesia from 2012 - 2017 and as corporate secretary at PT Pertamina Gas from 2017 - 2018. Finally, Arif Widodo was appointed as President Director of PT Pertamina Arun Gas until his retirement.

Arif has extensive experiences where he has been responsible for the consolidation of all upstream directorate projects from the beginning of the economic proposal, the approval process through several decision gates, FID approval, implementation process, monitoring process, evaluation process, project startup process and project post-mortem evaluation.

In addition, Arif has specific experience to lead negotiation between LNG producers and ship owner during the docking of Surya Satsuma LNG carrier at Tsu Shipyard - Japan and returning to sail according to a predetermined schedule in order to maintain the LNG delivery to East Japan Gas Buyers. Arif also has experience to become a supervisor of the docking Golar Spirit LNG Carrier at Keppel Shipyard - Singapore.

Arif Widodo also has competence in implementing the Performance Management System, particularly in implementation of Co-Pi program and he also experienced as a Corporate Break Through Project Coach in accelerating projects in Pertamina Upstream Directorate.



Email : m.sidik@gassolution.co.id

Muhammad Sidik is an expert in finance, accounting, investment, auditing, risk management and coaching. Sidik has a long history of experiences and has held several key positions at reputable companies such as Deloitte, Mercy Corporation, Medco Energy and PT DPS Group. There are so many successful stories that Sidik is able to arrange an investment for some projects in the oil and gas sector. Doing business reviews, financial analysis, creating financial models, evaluating commercial aspects and making financial reports are his expertise.

On the other hand, his ability to analyze investment risk is another advantage inherent in his skills. Sidik began his career in 2000 as an auditor at Deloitte, an international public accounting firm. Subsequently, he served as a Finance Supervisor at an international automotive company, Mercy Corporation. In 2004, Sidik began his long career at Medco Energy Group of more than 11 years. At Medco Group, especially in the Medco's downstream division, Sidik has held many prestigious positions. Starting from finance supervisor, risk management, compliance to finance & administration manager. He has successfully developed several standard operating procedures on MEDCO Downstream. The organization he leads at Medco has also won many Innovation Awards from the Medco Energy group. Sidik is a person who can handle multi-tasking jobs with very great detail.

In 2013, Sidik joined PT Dharma Pratama Sejati as Deputy Commercial Director. In this position, Sidik has led the transformation of corporate management from a family company to a national company with adopting international standard business practices. Then in 2017 until early 2020, Sidik held the position of Finance Director of PT DPS Group. In his position, he supervised a lot of DPS project financing and conducted many successful deals with foreign investors and private placement companies. He also succeeded in conducting several loan restructuring for the company. In addition to his expertise in investment and finance, he is a certified executive coach. He is also a good and patient educator.

Apart from his activities as a senior finance and investment consultant at GASSolution, Sidik has also established a digital platform for community empowerment called "belajarbarenglagi". Sidik founded this platform to spread knowledge that is affordable to everybody across the nation especially in leadership, personal development for young people to make Indonesia a great and strong nation. His comprehensive expertise in finance, risk management, auditing and coaching will provide the best service for GASSolution's clients to get the desired results and with the expected target time.



Email : kamaruddin@gassolution.co.id

Professor Kamaruddin is a senior expert in energy especially in renewable energy discourses. He received his graduate, postgraduate and doctoral education from the University of Tokyo, Japan. His expertise and experiences in renewable energy and agricultural engineering has been recognized by national and international communities.

In 1979, he was appointed as a member of the National Technical Committee for the Ministry of E&MR and in 1999 he served as president of the Indonesian Renewable Energy Society (METI). He was a member of several international organizations in renewable energy. In 2020, he was a chairman in Section IV of International Commission on Agricultural Engineering (CIGR).

Throughout his career, Prof. Kamaruddin has received numerous valuable awards from national and international institutions. His research in renewable energy and agricultural engineering also has been published in several international journals. He has a high concern in development of renewable energy as a future of energy for humans. Prof. Kamaruddin always discusses issues related to the development of renewable energy in Southeast Asia region which he delivered in many seminars, focus group discussions and workshops.

Some of papers which is personal research or team's research that was published in international journals such as Performance of Continuous Flow Solar Drying System, Drying Chamber Recirculation Dryer Integrated Drying Chamber (ICDC) Dryer Performance, Column Reactor Bubble Performance for Free Fatty Acid Non-Catalytic Esterification at Atmospheric Pressure and the Renewal and Utilization of Renewable Energy in ASEAN Countries.



Email : djatmiko@gassolution.co.id

Professor Djatmiko is a professional and senior expert in mechanics, energy conversion, energy management and energy policy. He has a very deep understanding of material balance, heat transfer and thermodynamics. He is also a specialist in rotating equipment, pressure vessels, boilers and power generation. Professor Djatmiko also has a lot of experience in studies in gas infrastructure development, energy management and energy audit. He has been involved in more than fifty projects of feasibility study, engineering design and in studies of energy policies.

Professor Djatmiko has been invited to various national and international seminars in engineering, energy conversion and new renewable energy. He has also conducted a lot of training related to boilers, power generation, compressed natural gas (CNG) and energy audits. With the depth of his knowledge, he could elaborate very complicated thermodynamics cases in very simple and clear explanations.

Professor Djatmiko, who received his Ph.D in energy conversion and mechanic from Institute National Politechnique de Lorrain, Nancy, France in 1993 has many university student guide books related to heat transfer and thermodynamics. He was also appointed as a reviewer in several scientific journals. He also has become the head of the advisory team for the development of mechanical engineering faculty for several universities in Indonesia.

Amid his busy schedule as a professor at the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) in Surabaya, he still takes the time to conduct various scientific researches in the fields of mechanics and energy. He was also appointed as supervisor for several constructions/installations in gas and power generation projects. He is also a visiting lecturer at Hiroshima University in Japan. Professor Djatmiko has received several prestigious awards such as Dwidya Satya Perdana, Dwidya Satya Madya and Anugerah Teknologi, Best Researcher, City of Surabaya in 2001.

With more than 35 years of experience and his depth of knowledge in mechanics and energy, Professor Djatmiko is one of the best senior experts in Indonesia in this field of studies. Currently he is also one of key persons in relation to conducting a study of natural gas infrastructure development such as for gas power plants, gas pipelines, CNG and LNG for various state-owned companies such as PLN and Pertamina.


Email : soleh@gassolution.co.id

Soleh Widodo has graduated as electrical engineer from Universitas Negeri Sebelas Maret. He has spent almost his entire career as a professional in engineering and project management field. It has been more than 20 years for Soleh since he began his career and gained experiences in the many projects. Soleh began his career as Electrical Production Leader at PT Bukaka Teknik Utama from September 1989 until June 1992.

From 1992 until 2005, Soleh developed his carrier and served at PT Bukaka Forging Industries. In his first two years (1992-1994) he started as Maintenance Manager and after that he continued his serving as Cutting and Maintenance Manager for a year (1994-1995). From 1995 until 1998 his position rose as PPIC Manager and from 1998 he changes his position as Production General Manager until 2001. Later on, from 2001, he served in the same company as Technician & QC General Manager until 2004 before he became the Technician, QC & Maintenance Advisor for a year from 2004 until 2005.

In January 2005 he served as Workshop and Project Manager at PT Mega Power Mandiri until June 2007. After that he continue to become a Marketing Manager at PT KG. Technology until May 2008. Soleh in 2008 decided to own his own business in electrical installation, machine and electromotor repair for around two years until 2010. Then, in September 2010 he served as Branch Head at PT Patraindo Nusa Persada Balikpapan until July 2012. From July 2012 until 2020, he was appointed as Maintenance and Factory Manager at PT Infiad Indonesia. Currently, Soleh has been appointed as VP of Project at GAS Solution.


Email : manggala@gassolution.co.id

Manggala Prasidha Dalton is a professional in consulting services. His expertise is in project management. He has graduated from civil engineering and holds a master’s degree in Gas Management from Universitas Indonesia. He has deep understanding in the natural gas infrastructure development, oil & gas legal and commercial aspects and also very knowledgeable in the project finance.

Manggala has been serving in the energy industry for more than 10 years. He began his career as Junior Staff at PT Riau Power from July until October in 2009. Later on, he was appointed as Senior Staff at PT Pengembangan Investasi Riau from October 2009 until November 2012.

After that in November 2012 he served as Director of Operations at PT Taruko Energi until 2019 before he was appointed as Director of Business Development at PT Taruko Muba Energi. Right now, he is appointed as VP Operation at GAS Solution.


Email : aria@gassolution.co.id

Aria Adi Nugraha has graduated as petroleum engineer from Universitas Trisakti. He is a professional in engineering project services with an expertise in gas and powerplant infrastructure development particularly in the engineering services and project cost estimation.

He has more than 10 years of experience regarding project and engineering. He began his career in 2008 as a Mud Logger at PT Sinar Surya Graha Persada and later was appointed as Pressure Engineer in 2011. In 2010 he also served as Gas Specification Engineer at PT Benvorce.

From 2012 until 2016 he served as Project & Field Manager at Mitra Usaha Penambangan PT Timah before he was appointed as Project Controller at PT Jimmulya in 2017. In that same year, he was also appointed as Project Cost Estimator at PT PLN Engineering.

In 2019, Aria rose his position as Director at PT Tri Daya Adisepari and right now serves as VP of Business Development at GAS Solution.


Email : adikurniawan@gassolution.co.id

Adi Kurniawan has graduated as bachelor of Mechanical Engineer from University of Applied Science Reutlingen, Germany and holds a master’s degree in Master Business Administration and Engineering from University of Applied Science Karlsruhe, Germany.

He is a professional and expert in engineering management and technical supervisory. Adi has 20 years of experience in the engineering services.

He began his carrier as Engineer at PT Tunas Jaya Lestari in 2003. Then in 2004 he was appointed as Engineering Supervisor of R&D Department at PT Sinar Sosro until 2007 before he was appointed as Technical Manager at PT Power Servic Indonesia from 2007 until 2012. From 2012 until 2014, Adi was serving as Engineering Manager at PT Cahaya Sakti Furintraco (Olympic Furniture).

Later on 2014 he was appointed as Technical General Manager at PT Risco Energy Power Solutions which is a foreign investment company that focuses in LNG businesses. Right now, he serves as VP of Engineering at GAS Solution